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Thank you for your support!

We love our New Haven Community!



Happy Children

2020 has not been easy for

Farnam Community.

  • Preschool Programming interrupted due to COVID-19

  • Several storms caused destruction to Camp Farnam 

  • The After-School Program closed

  • Necessary building maintenance

  • and more...


  Like everyone, we are facing unprecedented challenges and are counting on Farnam and the

New Haven Community to help us

protect our future.

#SAVEFARNAM Preschool and Camp!  

For more than a century, Farnam Community has been a “home away from home” for thousands of New Haven residents.  From sports activities and after-school programming to an NAEYC accredited early education program, Farnam Community has provided countless families with life-altering learning and community building opportunities. 


Today, with COVID-19 interrupting services provided to communities nationwide, we need your support to help us #SAVEFARNAM. Please help ensure that Farnam families receive educational, recreational, and food services.

Farnam Community understands the need to support our neighborhood families is greater than ever.  According to the National Center for Academic Statistics, Connecticut has the largest achievement gap in the country.  Across all subjects and grades, low-income students consistently perform nearly three grade levels behind non-low-income peers. 


We know that this is not an achievement, but an opportunity gap and this is your opportunity to make a difference. 

As more schools embrace distance learning in light of COVID-19 crisis, this gap will greatly increase as low-income families lack the means to access distance learning opportunities.  While the pandemic has closed schools nationwide, Farnam has partnered with Concepts for Adaptive Learning to ensure that every preschool family we serve is provided distance learning with a free computer.  Additional digital literacy training is also available to all family members.

The return of Camp Farnam! Although in desperate need of repairs to restore buildings and revitalize programming, the dream of Camp Farnam is still alive. You can help it come true for the next generation of children. Let us give these children the ability to get out of the city and spend their summers surrounded by nature to discover, explore investigate, and discover. Former camper and current board member, Dwayne Dancy recalls...

"Camp Farnam is where I decided to be an architect."

In addition to providing learning opportunities this summer, Farnam preschool staff continue to check in on our families ensuring their educational and physical needs are met. Our Farnam Community volunteers help combat food insecurity in our neighborhood by staffing the Connecticut Food Bank monthly out of our parking lot. 

Now, more than ever, families struggle to receive the support they need –

and access to education and food should not be a struggle

With your help, Farnam Community can continue to serve New Haven. 



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